This Is A Great Cause

This Is A Great Cause

30.30 Project: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Healthcare is a human right. Join Ryan Lewis’ family, Macklemore, and CfC to provide access to affordable healthcare worldwide. It’s called the 30/30 Project.

Google Street View Can Send You Back In Time

I'm not surprised that Google does this. Why should I? We've come to expect this from the Internet giant. Check out the video! It's neat! Nice Back To The Future Reference

Internet Freedom. Internet For All

The idea of "Internet Freedom" is simple. Companies and governments must allow unfettered access to the Web to all citizens. They should do nothing to stop the free flow of ideas and thoughts across the net. 

The idea of Internet for all is a great one and should be explored fully. How do we manage to get Internet to those who don't have access or for whom access is overly restricted? How do we stoop governments from overly snooping on their citizens under the guise of "National Security?"

I don't have the answers. Do you? Any ideas?

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Purpose of +Zoho 

Purpose of +Zoho 

So I've been working on my online infrastructure quite a bit the last few days. One of the tasks was moving my personal mail from the current server to Google Apps. I briefly looked at Zoho, but like always, I stop short of making the commitment.

I don't know what it is. It seems like Zoho is a "me too" product to Google Apps. I don't know. What do you think? Do you use it? Like it? Hate it? Let me know.

Feedly is so buggy I want out of the beta

Feedly is so buggy I want out of the beta

How can I move my PhotoVault from one device to another

Same Play account.

Customer Service and MediaTemple

+(mt) Media Temple Was Bought By +GoDaddy

+(mt) Media Temple Was Bought By +GoDaddy. What A Disaster!

So GoDaddy bought MediaTemple. Now everything is going to pot. This once good service is starting to really suck. Their (GS) servers are getting clogged and not responding well. They used to be good, but now I think it's time to switch.

GoDaddy has always been good for purchasing domain names, never for hosting. Apparently now that MediaTemple is part of Godaddy, MediaTemple now sucks.

Both services have great tech support, but customer support is only as good as their service. Their support can be outstanding, which it is, but if the service sucks, it doesn't matter.

I think I'll be looking to move my business elsewhere. What a nightmare that'll be. But it seems like it's the best move right now.

Have you experienced this MediaTemple slow down and crap? Let me know in the comments.

PS. Yes I know this happened in October. But it's taking it's toll now.


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So I got a message from a friend, but it wasn't that friend it was some guy spoofing…

So I got a message from a friend, but it wasn't that friend it was some guy spoofing his account from Syria. WTF

The Best Explanation of How #Heartbleed  Works

The Best Explanation of How #Heartbleed  Works

Source #xkcd

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